A Christian: Inside Out (6/19/2015)

June 19, 2015 in Church News

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Last weekend, movie-goers spent a record amount of money at the box-office to see a movie about dinosaurs. This weekend, a very different kind of movie opens at the theaters. It’s an animated movie from Disney-Pixar called “Inside Out.” If you have missed the  marketing for this movie, it tells the story of an eleven year old girl who is dealing with the emotional turmoil of her family moving to California. What makes this movie unique is the way it portrays her emotions. Each emotion is shown as a character living inside her head. There you find Joy, Disgust, Fear, Sadness and Anger. Depending on the situation, one of those emotions takes control and this determines how this girl handles those circumstances.

This concept led me to think what the “control station” inside a Christian’s head might look like if portrayed in this manner. The emotions would all still exist. But instead of those emotions being in control, the one at the helm would be either the Holy Spirit or one’s sinful nature. With the sinful nature in control, all of those emotions lead a person away from the Lord. The sinful nature wants to use joy to become the pursuit of one’s own selfish desires. The sinful nature uses anger to lead one to bitterness, grudges, and a lack of forgiveness. The  sinful nature takes disgust and turns it into self-righteousness or prejudice towards those who are different. The  sinful  nature uses fear as a path towards worry, anxiety and doubt. The sinful nature takes sadness and leads one down the path to hopelessness and despair.

Things are very different with the Holy Spirit in control. The Spirit fills us with joy based on the love and forgiveness found in Jesus Christ. Since God’s love is never-ending, this is a lasting joy. The Spirit makes use of anger as a tool against our old evil Foe. The same is true of disgust. As Christians, we feel anger and disgust towards those things that fill the Lord with anger and disgust–sin and the way it effects the world around  us. Instead of leading us to bitterness, this fills us with a desire to make use of God’s Word, the Sword of the Spirit, against the Devil and his lies. With the Holy Spirit in control, we know that we do not not need to fear the future because it is in the Lord’s loving hands. We also know that we do not need to fear God’s wrath because the blood of Christ covers over our sins and sets us at peace in his presence. Finally, the Spirit takes sadness and instead of allowing it to lead us towards despair, he uses it to lead us to the comforting promises of our God and the gospel assurance that nothing can separate us from God’s love.

What a tremendous gift it is that God has given us his Holy Spirit! Pray every day that the Lord would drown your sinful nature by the power of your baptism and the Spirit would guide you by his Word so that you can face any situation of life in a way that leads you closer to your Lord.


In Christ,

Pastor Steve


 Sunday Preview

June 21st, 2015
4th Sunday after Pentecost
“A Father who Can Fix Anything”
Proverbs 30:4-5; Acts 27:13-26; Mark 4:35-41
Hymn of the Day:
“A Vicious Storm, A Raging Sea”





Special One-Day VBS on July 25th

We are debuting a new format for our Vacation Bible School this summer. We will have a special one-day event on Saturday, July 25th. In the afternoon we will hold a camp for children with the theme “Faith Superhero Training Academy.” There will be games, music, crafts, and inspirational stories of heroes of faith from the Bible. In the evening, everyone is invited for a barbecue fellowship event. Please save the date!

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