A Day of Triumph (11/15/2013)

November 15, 2013 in Church News

How are you feeling today? Are you feeling the thrill of victory in life or are you experiencing the agony of defeat? This Sunday in worship we will be celebrating Saints Triumphant Sunday. This is a great Sunday where we are reminded of the eternal victory given to us and all our fellow believers through the work of our Savior Jesus.

If you think of it, because of what Christ has done, you never have to feel defeated. Every day is a day of triumph. In Romans chapter 7, we see the heart of the apostle Paul as he struggles with the realization that he so often loses the battle against his sinful nature. Near the end of the chapter, he almost seems to throw his hands up in despair as he writes “Who will rescue me from this body of death?

But then he remembers that he counted among the Saints Triumphant. Then he remembers that despite his sinfulness, God accepts him and forgives him through the blood of Jesus Christ. Then he remembers that his struggles on this earth will one day be ended and an eternity of joy in heaven awaits him. This leads to the beautiful concluding words: “Thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!

I look forward to celebrating the great triumph that is ours in Christ this Sunday. Because of Jesus, every day is a day of triumph for you and me. Thanks be to God!

In Christ,
Pastor Steve


Sunday Preview

November 17th - 3rd Sunday of End Time: Saints Triumphant
Theme: Worship the God of the Living
Readings: Isaiah 65:17-25; Revelation 22:1-5; Luke 20:27-38
 Hymn of the Day: There Is a Higher Throne (# 714)
Sunday School: Daniel in the Lions Den
Bible Study: Cross and the Crescent




Potluck / Church Council This Sunday

We will be having a potluck lunch this Sunday following worship. Bring a dish to pass and enjoy some time with your Cross of Glory family. The church council will be meeting after the meal.

Bayou Servants for Christ on Tuesday

The Bayou Servants for Christ will be meeting this coming Tuesday (November 19th) at 7:00 p.m. All the ladies of the congregation are invited to attend.

Saints Triumphant Memorial Video

We will once again be showing a memorial video as part of our Saints Triumphant worship this Sunday (November 17th). This video gives us an opportunity to remember a loved one who has gone before in the Lord. If you would like to include someone in this video, you can email Pastor Hahm today (pastorhahm@gmail.com) a photo with your loved one’s name, year of birth, year of death and relationship to you. If you included someone in last year’s video, they will once again be included in this year’s tribute unless you desire otherwise.

Special Service of Thanksgiving – Nov. 24th

We will be holding a special service of Thanksgiving on Sunday, November 24th during our regular worship hour (10:30 a.m.). During this service we will take some time to reflect on the meaning of the many blessings we receive from God. Please invite your friends and family members to come and worship with us on this special day.

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Sunday Bible Study Series -

The Cross and the Crescent

This Sunday, we will continue our morning Bible study series called The Cross and The Crescent. We are looking at the religion of Islam in general, the threat that is posed to Christianity by modern day Islamists, and the way in which the Christian Church has been called to speak the truth in love to Muslims. All are invited to this informative and thought-provoking study.