Be Careful, Lest You Fall (5/29/2015)

May 29, 2015 in Church News


May 29th, 1453 is a red-letter date in this world’s history. On this day, the city of Constantinople fell to the invading Turks. This event marked the end of the Byzantine Empire and the Middle Ages. Constantinople was the world’s greatest city. It was renowned for its great wealth, its beautiful buildings and its impenetrable defenses. But those defenses couldn’t hold against the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II and his army. In the days that followed, thousands of its inhabitants were slaughtered in their homes, tens of thousands were sold into slavery and the great cathedral known as the Hagia Sophia was transformed into a mosque as this city would become the center of the mighty Ottoman Empire. The world was left to wonder, “How could such a great city fall?”

In 1 Corinthians 10:12, the apostle Paul writes, “If you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall.” There is a temptation for us as Christians to become complacent in our spiritual battle and start to feel as though our spiritual defenses are strong enough to withstand the devil’s attacks. But like the great city of Constantinople, there is no person whose defenses are completely impenetrable. And when we feel everything is just fine, we might be the most vulnerable to fall.

This is why it is important for us to take the Apostle Paul’s words to heart and always remain spiritually vigilant. This means being in the Word daily, confessing our sins daily and seeking the Lord’s comfort and strength. This means coming together week after week in worship to receive encouragement from our fellow Christians and also encourage them to keep up the fight at the same time. With the Lord’s help, we are able to fight off the attacks of the devil and our soul remains safe and our eternal life secured in his hands.

In Him,

 Pastor Steve

 Sunday Preview

May 31st, 2015
Trinity Sunday
“A Soul-Satisfying Relationship”
Isaiah 61:8; Romans 8:14-17; John 3:1-17
Hymn of the Day:
Holy, Holy, Holy (#195)





Special One-Day VBS on July 25th

We are debuting a new format for our Vacation Bible School this summer. We will have a special one-day event on Saturday, July 25th. In the afternoon we will hold a camp for children with the theme “Faith Superhero Training Academy.” There will be games, music, crafts, and inspirational stories of heroes of faith from the Bible. In the evening, everyone is invited for a barbecue fellowship event. Please save the date!