Building Update – Lift High the Cross

October 23, 2011 in Building

Yesterday, we lifted the chancel cross into place. The cross is massive, made of old pine recovered from a warehouse in Chicago. It is the oldest thing in our new sanctuary, reminding us of the old, old story of Jesus that has been the source of hope for sinners for thousands of years.

Building Update – Beautiful View

October 13, 2011 in Building

Yesterday, we got our first glimpse of what the finished sanctuary will look like inside. The pews were bolted into place and the new altar, font, and ambo were moved into the chancel. What a wonderful sight!!

Building Update – Down the Home Stretch

October 11, 2011 in Building, Uncategorized

Things have really progressed since our last post two weeks ago. The floor has been finished (and cleaned by an expert clean-up crew). The walls have been painted. Today, the pews are being installed and the final cement for the driveway / sidewalks is being poured. Just another week or so until the whole project is finished!

Building Update – Prime Time

September 28, 2011 in Building


Yesterday, our painters primed the whole building. We also started installing the trim and doors. Today we started leveling the floor and preparing it for tiling beginning on Friday. Things are really coming together as we look forward to opening on October 30th!

Building Update – WOW!

September 22, 2011 in Building

We’ve seen some significant progress on the project since our last update. The drywall has been finished and we are ready to install the trim and start painting. The most striking change has taken place in the garden area behind the church. Thanks to approximately 2000 hours (give or take a few hundred) of labor from Pastor and Connie Greenlee, our dirt pile has been transformed into a little slice of Paradise. You can also see in the window frames the outline of the large cross that will stand in the front of the church as the centerpiece of our chancel.

Building Update – Sheet Rockin’ and Rollin’

September 9, 2011 in Building

A lot has happened in the weeks since our last post. We have all the frames for the windows and glass doors installed (some are boarded up for the present time until the rest of the glass comes in). We have insulation in the walls. We’ve built the platform for the keyboard and audio/visual area at the back of the sanctuary. And last, but not least, we have nearly half of the drywall hung in the building. Lord-willing, we will begin painting in a week or so…

Building Update – We Have Glass

August 25, 2011 in Building

It’s been a while since our last post. The metal frames and the glass for the windows were on back order, but they are here now. The glass is being installed today! The stucco work over the altar area, at the rear of the walkway and on the steeple has also been completed in the time since our last post. We are hoping to have insulation and drywall next week…

Building Update – Steeple Stucco Successfully Started

August 12, 2011 in Building

Right now, we are working on three projects. The masonry crew is building and bricking the garden wall behind the sanctuary. The window crew is installing the frames for the windows in the gathering room and sanctuary. We also installed the louvers in the steeple and began the process of stuccoing (if that’s a word…) the steeple and the area above the chancel window. We hope to have the building closed in by the end of next week, so that we can begin with the insulation and drywall.

Building Update – Concrete Pour

August 3, 2011 in Building

Today, we had the concrete footing poured for our garden wall behind the sanctuary. They also poured the slabs for the air conditioners as well as the drain on the side of the church.

Building Update – Colonnade Complete

July 25, 2011 in Building

On Saturday, the hard working COG crew helped clean up the completed walkway. It looks great!