Your Word Is Truth (10/30/2015)

October 30, 2015 in Church News

Tomorrow is the big day…Reformation Day. It was on this day 498 years ago that Martin Luther stepped up to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg and delivered the hammer blows that would change the course of church history and ultimately represent a triumph for the gospel. On that church door, Luther nailed a set of propositions for debate concerning the sale of indulgences. He introduced his ninety-five theses with the words: “Out of love for the truth and a desire to bring it to light, the following propositions will be discussed…
It is a love for the truth that began the Lutheran reformation. The source of truth is the Word of God. As Jesus said concerning the Scriptures, “Your Word is truth.” It was because Luther had been convinced by the Scriptures that God’s forgiveness was not something that could be bought and sold that he posted his theses on the eve of All Saints Day (All Halloweds Eve or Halloween). Reformation Day reminds us that the heart of Lutheranism is a zeal for the Word of God and its central message of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.
May that zeal for the Word live in each of us! Let’s not be satisfied with simply being told what the Scriptures say and what to believe. Let’s dive into the Word ourselves and discover the truth as God has laid it out before us. The greater our knowledge of the Word, the greater our confidence in our Savior Jesus Christ and the bolder we will be in face of trial and opposition. On Reformation Day, let’s renew our love for the truth and pray that the Spirit would enlighten each of us through God’s Holy Word.

In Christ,

Pastor Steve


 Sunday Preview

November 1st, 2015
Reformation Sunday
“The Kingdom Ours Remaineth”
Daniel 3:16-28; Revelation 14:6-7; Mark 13:5-11
Hymn of the Day:
“A Mighty Fortress” (CW #200)





Fall Festival – THIS SUNDAY

We will be hosting our annual Fall Festival this Sunday, November 1st from Noon – 3 p.m. This is a great event for families to enjoy an afternoon of food and games. There will be a wonderful jambalaya lunch served together with games for children and other fun. Everyone is invited!

Saints Triumphant Memorial Tribute

We will once again be showing a memorial video as part of our Saints Triumphant Sunday worship (only three Sundays away…November 15th). This video gives us an opportunity to remember our loved ones who has gone before us in the Lord. If you would like to include someone in this video, you can either email Pastor Hahm a photo with your loved one’s name, year of birth, year of death and relationship to you or you can give Pastor Hahm a photo to be scanned and returned to you. If you included someone in last year’s video, they will be included again in this year’s tribute unless you desire otherwise.